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    I’ll never be busy enough to not miss you.
— Unknown (via stevenbong)
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I saw that you were perfect
and so I loved you.

Then I saw that you were not perfect
and I loved you even more.

— C
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SHARE my food with you. Yes. I will.

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    I’ve gotten entirely too good at pretending it doesn’t hurt.
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i always end up being
weighed down by realizations
of caring too much, caring more
than i should, caring for
someone who simply can’t
reciprocate the same amount
of feelings. it’s like being
buried under heaps of lies
draped across my chest and
broken promises lodged in the
valley between my joints.
i fucking hate being the one
who does things “too little”,
and being suffocated for
feeling things “too much”.
there’s never a goddamned

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    People miss you more when they see how much happier you are without them.
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    Some people are good at being in love. Some people are good at love. Two very different things, I think. Being in love is the romantic part—sex all the time, midday naps in the sheets, the jokes, the laughs, the fun, long conversations with no pauses, overwhelming separation anxiety … Just the best sides of both people, you know? But love begins when the excitement of being in love starts to fade: the stress of life sets in, the butterflies disappear, the sex becomes a chore, the tears, the sadness, the arguments, the cattiness … The worst parts of both people. But if you still want that person by your side through all of those things … that’s when you know—that’s when you know you’re good at love.
— Matthew Healy (via perfect)
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Chicken Joy

Ako: Wala nang fried chicken sa Jollibee. Huhu
Sya: Kiss mo 'ko
Ako: Bakit, magkakafried chicken ba 'ko pag kiniss kita?
Sya: Hindi. Pero mas masarap pa sa fried chicken yung matitikman mo.
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    I want to be
by you.
I want you
to think about kissing
as much as I
think about
— Alena M. (via 400eurojob)
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    I don’t want anything from you, at all. I just want to be the person you choose to sit next to in a room full with all the people you have known.
— (via raspburri)
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